Dr. Sultan Badar Munir

Speciality :

Speech Pathologist

Degree :

MBBS, PGDN (Nutrition)
M.SC (Community Health &Nutrition)
M.S Speech Pathologist


Gold Medalist

About Dr. Sultan Badar Munir

Dr. Sultan Badar Munir, renowned for his exceptional skills in speech therapy, is highly regarded as one of Lahore's finest speech therapists, consistently achieving outstanding patient satisfaction.

With a specialization in speech therapy, Dr. Sultan Badar Munir excels in the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of various speech disorders. His extensive experience within speech therapy departments spans several years, during which he has successfully addressed a wide range of communication difficulties. He focuses on assisting children and adults with developmental delays and speech impairments resulting from injuries or medical conditions.

In his practice, Dr. Sultan Badar Munir employs diverse techniques to deliver effective speech therapy services. These approaches encompass targeted exercises designed to enhance the strength and coordination of muscles in the throat and face. His dedication to continuous professional growth has allowed him to cultivate an exceptional skill set across the expansive field of speech therapy.

Furthermore, Dr. Sultan Badar Munir knows advanced speech therapy techniques to alleviate speech problems. Through careful consideration of individual circumstances, he formulates personalized treatment plans for patients spanning all age groups. His expertise in advanced speech therapy techniques distinguishes him as one of Lahore's foremost certified speech therapists.

Dr. Sultan Badar Munir

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